Scrap the Slaughter House Policy UP Govt.

The Uttar Pradesh (Indian State) Government is giving licenses to new abattoirs in the state, there’s simply no way that we can ignore the cries of the Lakhs of innocent animals who fall victim to this barbaric cruelty and mass butchering. All the proposed ultra modern slaughter houses will have capacity to butcher 10,000-20,000 animals per day and the meat will be exported out of India.

Enough is enough.

You all might be aware that U.P. Govt has issued licenses to 8 new Slaughter Houses. These slaughter houses are against the humanity and means of destroying animal wealth of the state.

In protest, Jain Monk Munishri Maitriprabh Sagarji has started his fast unto death from 26th April 2011 at Baraut, Distt. Baagpat, Uttar Pradesh. Locals from the surrounding area and various organisations have given their support to the Honorable saint but nothing fruitful has been achieved till date. Local administration there has imposed section 144 in the city and disrupting the non violence agitation for no good reason and adopting tactics to discourage the public.

We all know that the slaughter house licenses have been given for the benefit of few companies. Neither the Uttar Pradesh nor the country will benefit in any way by opening of such cruel and barbaric slaughter houses.

Read it in more details here and what exactly could be your role to prevent it.

See following short movie: Economic loss to India, which reveals the true facts about the massacre and the loss of taxpayer money each year.

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Have you seen what happens to cows in India?  Watch this shocking video that will open your eyes to India’s cruel cow slaughter:

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